Nils Crusberg’s Approach to Teaching
Nils tries to consider the needs and interests of his students on an individual basis when he develops a curriculum for them. One student might want to learn a few songs just for fun, whereas another student might want to study advanced jazz concepts and techniques. Nils has created hundreds of customized lesson plans that he gives to his students as they manage their way thru his lesson program. Every student has different goals and interests, and Nils tries to consider everyones special circumstances. For instance, he finds that many younger students who participate in music programs at school have good reading skills but are not familiar with improvisation. They may also need help with their technical skills or intonation. Nils tries to find the things these students can benefit from, and he guides them accordingly. Also if a student is not interested in the subject at hand, then he or she will lack the proper enthusiasm to progress on the instrument, so it's important to keep the material interesting. Nils has transcriptions outlining popular rock, reggae, funk, motown, jazz, blues, and classical arrangements that appeal to students and make the lessons fun.

Teaching Children
With younger students, Nils focuses more on creativity and songwriting. Students ages 6-9 can be discouraged by the difficulty of playing their instrument. Doing technique drills and forcing exercises on younger students can make a student lose his or her interest in music. Instead, Nils might use the saxophone/clarinet, keyboard, drums, and/or guitars to create original compositions and recordings.

Teaching Teenagers
With pre-teen and teenage students, Nils focuses more on the proper methods and techniques. He also explains why certain notes sound best together (music theory). He has a large selection of popular songs on file, to teach to his students. Their interest is maintained, because he teaches them songs they are familiar with. He might also introduce them to saxophone players who perform on popular Hip-Hop, Reggae, Funk, and Rock recordings that they may otherwise not be familiar with.  

Teaching Adults
Adult students have a variety of musical goals. Some want to simply learn a few songs. Some want to brush up on their playing. Others want to play on a professional level or use Nils’ instruction as a supplement to college. Many adults don't have a lot of free time. He takes that into consideration when he provides them with lessons.

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